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Property Ninjas will take the stress out of maintaining your property, leaving you to do what you do best, bringing money into your business.

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Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

  • Avoid Extra Fees: Get There Before the Crisis Hits
  • Ongoing Care Can Reduce Rental Property Maintenance Costs
  • Proactive Maintenance Protects Larger Assets
  • Benefits Text
  • Maintenance Gives You Access to the Best Vendors and Contractors
  • Improve the Liveability of Your Single-Family Rental Properties

Benefits of Reactive maintenance

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Fewer staff members needed
  • No planning time necessary
  • No need for contracts

Responsive Repairs & Planned Maintenance

We at Property Ninja’s have an extensive range of Responsive Repairs and Cyclical Maintenance features that provides social landlords with all the peace of mind in repairs and maintenance that is required to manage their portfolio of properties, including period checks, gas safety, planned maintenance and life cycle costing.

Issue repair orders to contractors or DLO operatives to provide details of the repair location, work required and expected timescale to completion

Issue electronically by email, fax or SMS

Landlord monitoring and automated responsibility flagging when raising orders

Record estimated costs for each order raised, with all works accepetd by client before proceeding, unless earlier confirmed

Secure data transfer routine option to automatically or manually update orders using files sent by the contractor

Maintenance requests can be logged before the order is raised to log the first contact from the tenant when they report the repair

Define up to 30 response categories

Set budget limits by user level to prevent users from send orders above their limit

EoT Services:


Painters and Decorators






Carpet Cleaners


Gardeners and Landscapers








Furniture and Appliance Movers

*This list is not exhaustive and other trades are also on hand to deal with any specific repair that may be needed.*

End of Tenancy Repairs

Our End of tenancy repairs include a wide range of work, such as painting and decorating, cleaning, and repairs to walls, floors, and ceilings. We also complete repair and replace work on appliances and fixtures, such as fixing leaks, repairing or replacing broken windows, and fixing any electrical or plumbing issues, whilst also including garden maintenance, such as mowing the lawn and trimming hedges.

We carry a team of professional tradespeople, who have the necessary skills and experience to carry out all work to a high standard.

Our current contracts for leading build to rent companies, property maintenance companies, councils and landlords consist of specific repairs that need to be carried out that are essential for returning properties in the same condition as it was when the tenant first moved in. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the repairs are carried out, and any damages caused during their tenancy will be held liable for it. Landlords may carry out inspections and deduct the cost of repairs from the tenant’s deposit. Professional tradespeople are usually the ones who carry out these repairs to ensure a high-quality work.

We are experts in End of tenancy services, putting properties Property Ninjas have the essential experience in dealing with end of tenancy issues that commonly arise.  When entering a home the next tenants comfort and appreciation of your property is our priority.

We offer a comprehensive service to ease the woes of property management. We can clean, repair and decorate each property allowing landlords to relax whilst we prepare and have each property ready for the next tenant.

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Project Ninjas Contracting department offers a multi-disciplinary construction/engineering company, undertaking projects in both public and private sector businesses across the country. We have built our successes on a forward thinking, modern approach to contracting, which we reinforce with a solid foundation of traditional values, including championing female trade people and offering diversity and inclusion across the board.

We believe our approach towards value-contracting is one of the differentiators that underscores the relationships that we can maintain in such a highly competitive, tender-led market. Our experience of the sector enables us to frequently propose tailored construction solutions for our clients.

Our vast range of experience comprises of design and build, new build, refurbishment and fit-out and we have built a strong market presence across many sectors including:

Client Testimonials

We had some end of tenancy works that needed completing. Property Ninjas were a fast, cheap, effective, and reliable contractor to complete the works. They met all the above criteria along with great communication and lots of flexibility. At the end of the work we had new happy tenants moving in. I would definitely use Property Ninjas again!

Hannah Bishop

Director, Simple Life Homes